Therapy Architects designs and develops novel targeted cancer therapies for both children and adults.  Every patient is unique and not all respond to available products.  Our team is focused on improving outcomes by optimizing efficacy and reducing toxic side effects for cancers in patient populations where available treatment options are limited.

Developing novel personalized targeted leukemia therapy for children and adults

Targeted therapeutics involves two major approaches. 1. Tumor targeted drugs that target specific molecules in cancer cells and 2. Tumor targeted drug delivery where drugs are delivered to cancer cells by special techniques.

Cancer develops due to specific changes such as a mutation or phosphorylation of key molecules (target) in normal cells leading to its altered function. These changes are often patient specific. Targeted drugs associate with these molecules and destroy cancer cells. Therapy Architects is developing a proprietary targeted drug for common forms of leukemia in children and adults.

The outer surface of cancer cells have molecules, designated as cancer biomarkers, that are absent in normal cells. In tumor targeted drug delivery, these unique molecules are utilized to deliver drugs specifically into cancer cells. Therapy Architects is developing nanoparticles mediated targeted drug delivery for leukemia in children and adults.